Read Leviticus 16, 17; Psalms 21; Luke 8.

There have been many who feel that Christianity oppresses women and treats us as second-class citizens. I beg to differ with that opinion, and the first three verses of Luke, Chapter 8, support my claim. As Jesus began His public ministry He obviously received no salary for His travel expenses. We can see from verse 3 that the “many others” of whom Luke speaks are faithful, believing women. Without the financial and physical support of these women, Jesus would have been hard pressed to get very far in His journeys. God provided for His Son just as He provides for us in various ways, and a large part of His provision for Jesus came from women. If the Church treats us badly, it’s because of the traditions of men and not because of God’s bias.

We need to also remember that every parable told by Jesus was meant to open the secrets of the Kingdom to His disciples as well as those whose hearts were ready to receive His words. We call these teaching ops, and we who seek to follow the Lord need to study the parables carefully and apply them to our lives. If verse 10 is confusing to you, don’t feel bad. It seems contradictory to say that people might see but not see, however if you think about the enlightenment of the Spirit who gives understanding to the faithful you can see that without the Spirit there is no comprehension of the Kingdom. If you hear yet not understand then you fall into Paul’s description of the natural man in I Corinthians 2:14. Jesus gave the truth of God to those whom God had prepared to hear it.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I am so very thankful that you reached down to the depths to pull me out of my despair and to give me the marvelous light of your presence. Help me be like the man of Gerasenes who told of the great things you did for him. Amen.