Read I Kings 13, 14; Psalm 119:1-88; II Corinthians 1.

The second, or what we know as the second letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthian church contains a wealth of comfort and support for our spiritual journey. Several verses should be added to your mental armory for future reference. Memory verses are invaluable when the Spirit opens doors of opportunity for you to share your faith. Verse 4 has been important to me personally and is one you should start with. When we are lead through deep valleys, (and who of us has never been there?) if we cling to the Lord for strength He supplies supernatural comfort. We learn from this, then, how to comfort others who may be going through trials of one sort or another.

Verse 20 tells us that the promises of God are all “yes.” Of all the wonderful promises that the Lord made to His people Joshua said, “All of them have been fulfilled for you; not one of them has failed.” (Joshua 23:14.) God is not a man that He should lie, so as He has promised He will do. (Numbers 23:19.) How much more comfort could there be than that God will fulfill all His promises to us? This was especially important for Paul to be assured of, because there were so many false teachers who were invading the churches, seeking to draw the believers away from Christ and back into other forms of worship foreign to the gospel. Paul had to constantly defend his authority as an apostle of Christ and to convey to the believers in every church how much they all meant to him personally. We don’t have to defend our beliefs as much as Paul did, but who hasn’t noticed a trend in our own nation to discount the truth of God’s word? Some people seem to be deathly afraid of the gospel, as well they should be.

Prayer: Holy Father, I pray today for my country, the land my father fought and died for. Help my faith to be that strong. Amen.