Read John 14:23-28.

This is an amazing passage of scripture, and we would do well to read it often and let the implications inspire us daily. Jesus is giving His final instructions to the disciples on the eve of His crucifixion. The words that He spoke at this gathering and the truths that He revealed carried a huge weight of eternal significance for these men who would soon turn their pagan world upside down. And these words carry no less weight for us today. God’s truth is timeless, and He has preserved these words for the faithful of every generation. (II Timothy 3:16.)

Jesus is here introducing His disciples to the Holy Spirit who would be sent by the Father in Jesus’ name, even after Jesus was removed from their presence. Can you imagine the confusion that must have reigned in their minds and hearts to hear these unfamiliar ideas from their Rabbi? It would not be until Pentecost that the disciples would realize the full extent of the Holy Spirit’s empowering in their lives. (Acts 2:1-4.) They were suddenly able to speak in the languages of all the people from other nations who had come to Jerusalem for the celebration of Passover, and thousands of souls were brought into the kingdom in the first few days and weeks following the ascension of Jesus into heaven.

We are not gifted today in the same miraculous ways as were the disciples, because they had an anointing from God to ensure the foundation of His new church. But rest assured, Christian, the Holy Spirit’s power is no less effective today than it was at Pentecost. We have only to step out in faith. Prepare to be amazed!

Prayer: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, great Triune God, I am overwhelmed at the knowledge that you created me in your image, and called me by name, and brought me into your forever family through the sacrifice of my Savior Jesus. Thank you. Amen.

Through the Bible in a Year: Song of Songs 1, 2; Psalm 29; The Revelation 4.